Gentoo: New release, “new” leadership

I wrote an article discussing Gentoo’s new release and new council for this week’s If you’ve read my earlier blog posts and other posts on Planet Gentoo regarding 2008.0, there won’t be a whole lot of new information. It’s designed as analysis of recent Gentoo events for people who don’t already follow Gentoo development.

If you aren’t already subscribed to, get on it. It’s my #1 source for Linux- and open-source-related news, and it saves me huge amounts of time that I would otherwise spend in cesspools like Slashdot. =)

P.S. Anyone going to OSCON, let me know via a comment here or my contact info.

3 thoughts on “Gentoo: New release, “new” leadership

  1. Convert the voting graph to percentage turnout rather than absolute.

  2. @Robin: How? I don’t know how many active developers there were in the past. I’d also find a percentage of “active” people more interesting than a percentage of unretired people.

  3. great… now that all the politics are out of the way.. i hope the gentoo team can get back to releasing great stuff..

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