Early coverage of Gentoo 2008.0

Here’s links to a few places that posted announcements for 2008.0. Go there and get involved by voting and commenting!

Gentoo 2008.0 makes the Digg frontpage
Gentoo 2008.0 makes the Digg frontpage

There’s also a ton of talk about Gentoo 2008.0 happening on Twitter, which I’m following through the Summize search engine with a search for gentoo. I’m also following blogs talking about Gentoo, and I have a news search for Gentoo that I expect to pick up more later once more journalists pick up the news.

Update 1: Added Phoronix, thanks to Denis Dupeyron (Calchan).

Update 2: Added OSNews

Update 3: Added OStatic, Heise, Linux Format, Clubic, FOSSWire, DesktopLinux.com, Linux Magazine (UK)

Update 4: Added InternetNews.com

Update 5: Added Open Source Pixels, Techgage

Update 6: Added LinuxNews.pl, Programas Livres

Update 7: Added Linux Journal, Linux1.no, PettiNix, Linux.org.ru

Update 8: Added ZDNet.co.uk, DistroWatch Weekly