Compromise needs determination

There’s an article (registration required) in the NY Times on compromise in politics, and its decline.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to compromise in modern politics, Mr. Remini and other historians said, is the absence of a leader with the gift for compromise and the determination to make it happen.

Although that article says the driving force against compromise in politics is religion, it’s worth thinking about parallels in open source. Why don’t we compromise?

[Gentoo] Bearing down on X bugs

I started working my way through all the X bugs backwards tonight, marking fixed, upstream, needinfo, etc. Got from ~95000 to ~65000, which is roughly half the open X bugs. We stand at 126 open bugs now, compared with about 200 last week.

[Gentoo] Blogs: Open source and legal “stuff”

Anyone know of some nice blogs talking about technology and/or intellectual property, particularly as they relate to open source?

So far I’ve found Lawrence Lessig, William Patry and a conglomerate called rethink(ip). I really wish Lawrence Rosen had one; if he does, I can’t find it.

I also found EEJD, which is occasionally relevant, and a potentially interesting one called IP::JUR, and IPcentral by The Progress and Freedom Foundation, and Dennis Kennedy.

[Gentoo] More updates. Ah, so exciting.

I spent some time today fixing science and cluster bugs. If it’s anything in either of those herds that I touch, it’s probably fixed: lam-mpi, pvm, pssh, clusterssh, mpqc, opendx, moldy, grace, gnuplot, pdflib … plus a couple of X things.

Grant, hope you don’t mind that I added a patch to gnuplot. Some guy filed a bug saying it didn’t compile against pdflib 6.0, which wasn’t even in the tree. That motivated me to go dig out the patch and to add the new version of pdflib. As a result of pdflib 6.0, I also had to bump grace to a version that worked with it.