[Gentoo] Former Gentoo developers, unite!

In an effort to actually figure out who created Gentoo and how, I’m trying to put a list together of current contact information for everyone who’s ever committed anything to Gentoo. Obviously, many uses exist for this. Newer folks may have questions about your work, we may want to relicense to GPL3 at some point, somebody might want to compile a list of all the major contributions you’ve made, etc.

Also, we’re testing some imports into git (among other SCMs), and git uses your real names and email addresses in the commit history. It would be much more helpful to have addresses that are actually valid.

Anyone out there who’s a former Gentoo dev, please email me (spyderous at gentoo) with your old commit ID, your full name, and your current best email address. Also a GPG key ID would be handy, particularly in combination with a signed email. Put “Names/contact info for former devs” as the subject.