BarCamp PDX: Communities Gone Awry session

I facilitated this discussion, which is why my notes may suck more than usual.


Online consensus?

– Hierarchy (org charts)
– Total democracy, or representative
– Dictator, active or inactive

Effect of using a distributed SCM on governance?

Respect is critical to being listened to …

The importance of people who are catalysts (why? no clue, but they make things work). What motivation do they have to volunteer? The gratitude of others.

How to keep communities close-knit as they grow?
– Manifesto saying what’s acceptable, with an enforcer!
– Create smaller communities
– People to connect these communities
– One person can ruin an entire team: vetting new community members
– A “boot camp” for new members to intensively indoctrinate them to the social norms
– The buddy system: mentorship

Book: The Tipping Point

Dunbar’s number: maximum number of people who can work together. 150 to 300, depending on how strictly they’re indoctrinated

How do you tell whether someone’s really indoctrinated to the social norms? What criteria?