New xorg-server for testing in ~arch

I just committed xorg-server, which is a prerelease for 1.4.1. Here’s the Gentoo ChangeLog:

Bump to 1.4.1 release candidate. It’s gotta be an improvement over 1.4, so i’m letting it go into ~arch.

(#192221) ‘xorg-server-1.4 – keyboard LEDs do not work’ fixed upstream.

(#201047) ‘xorg-server 1.4 no longer loads xmodmap via xinitrc properly’ fixed upstream.

(#197104) ‘xorg-server-1.3 and 1.4 consumes 100% CPU, locking the keyboard, apparently triggered by opening an OpenOffice pulldown menu’ fixed with patch from master branch.

(#196019) ‘xorg-server creates unnecessary file /etc/X11/X11/Xsession.d/92xprint-xpserverlist’ fixed by not installing the same file twice to 2 different places (Andy Crook).

(#195886) ‘xorg-server-1.4.0-r2 built with hal USE flag crashes on shutdown if dbus service is not running’ fixed upstream.

(#195551) ‘xorg-server-1.4 fails to build w/kdrive on amd64’ fixed with patch designed for easier sed but unsuitable for upstream because the line gets too long (Michael Gorse).

(#194503) Don’t spit versions when showing drivers to rebuild via qlist, and also provide a command for people to do it themselves later.

The upstream X.Org change list is available here.