So it begins …

After seeing Planet, I figured I’d start this so I could keep track of software-/Gentoo-related things I do.

Actual work: Marked some Matrox drivers stable. Added metadata.xml to some fonts packages. Tested for a move of corefonts to microsoft-corefonts. Made a patch to fix that damn circular dep for PAM/XFree86. Started unbreaking xfree-drm, dholm broke it for everyone while trying to fix it on ppc but he’s working with me to fix it now. Been waiting for stuff to mirror out for hours on that.

Discussions: Talked to mharris some more about moving shit out of /usr/X11R6 to more FHS-friendly places. Sounds like a good plan to start with easy stuff (fonts, docs), move to lib/ then bin/ (hardcoded bin stuff in third-party apps). Emailed x-packagers about this, and the next thing. License talks on >= — what a mess. Sounds like we prolly can’t use any GPL drivers with new XFree86, e.g. Synaptics. That means we might not be able to distribute both new XFree86 and Synaptics at all. Holding off on adding .903 to portage at all, pending some sort of resolution on this GPL incompabitility. Asked cyfred to bump for security, everything else has been done. Talked to a guy looking for a good distribution to set up a cluster on.

Stupid things: Told daniels I agreed to autotool/maintain some xapps. Now I have to actually learn autotools — yeah yeah I know the book came in Friday, but I actually have to read it now. Wasted the day doing Gentoo stuff and IRC instead of some real-life work.

Drama: Security vs. The World (a.k.a., You can’t break everything for your righteous cause).

That’s all I can think of offhand.