Get your hot new X leetness in Gentoo

Live-git packages for much of X.Org (the important parts, anyway) are now available in Gentoo’s x11 overlay, thanks to James Cloos. I hope you’re all very happy that he’s merged his work into the main project overlay–I know I am. Gentoo users can add this overlay by installing layman and running `layman -a x11`. All the live-git packages are in package.mask, so you’ll need to unmask them–portpeek is one easy way of doing this.

xorg-server-1.5 prereleases are also in there. So far that’s just, but more should show up soon. They’ll remain in the x11 overlay until they build against packages that have actually been released, at which point they’ll move to package.mask in the main tree. Any xprint users, feel free to contribute patches to fix its build. I know Debian already has some patches for this, so that would be a good place to start.

6 thoughts on “Get your hot new X leetness in Gentoo

  1. > They’ll remain in the x11 overlay until they build against
    > packages that have actually been released

    Which are these? There is libpciaccess-0.10 which was released some time ago but there is only a git ebuild in the overlay. xf86driproto has not had a checkin for 3 months, so a snapshot might do.
    So it seems that only mesa remains, in case mesa-7.0.3_rc2 does not work.

  2. Wow, thanks! 🙂 I’ve merged and now using the “-9999” packages without problems.

  3. chithanh,

    Yes, mesa and xf86driproto are the two. xf86driproto just needs to get released, and mesa needs a fair amount of work on the 7.0 branch.

  4. Jure,
    I don’t have a great way right now, although that would definitely be a wonderful feature to have. Here’s what you can do:

    Clone it somewhere and run the bisect commands in the clone (git clone /usr/portage/distfiles/git-src/glproto) to get which commit IDs you should use.

    When you get an ID, pass it into emerge with EGIT_TREE=$ID emerge glproto.


    Wash, rinse, repeat.

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