[Gentoo] Lots of new GUI config tools

For ages, I’ve thought Gentoo has a major lack in GUI tools to configure various stuff like X, sound, etc. Finally I got sick of it, so this weekend I packaged most of Red Hat’s tools. It really bothers me that every distro writes its own tools from scratch when they’re mostly portable, so I decided to do something about it.

I did most of the work on Friday, and then some cleanup through the rest of the weekend when I wasn’t busy with friends and such. The vast majority simply need a small patch to migrate them to the Gentoo way: chkconfig to rc-update, /etc/rc.d/init.d to /etc/init.d, /sbin/service to /etc/init.d, and the occasional difference in file locations (/etc/ to /etc/bind/, and some PAM modules for authconfig).

Here’s the list:
authconfig (system-config-authentication)

There’s a couple more I may add, such as system-config-cluster and system-config-netboot.

They’re all hard-masked right now, but give them a shot. Please submit patches if something doesn’t work, rather than just whining about it. After all, they are masked.

I have some hopes that I can substitute these tools into our LiveCD builds for the current ones. Some experiments today showed that they can come up with at least the basics of autoconfiguration, and I know they have the capability to write config files as well. Anyone got an idea for how to figure out when to use binary drivers?

2 thoughts on “[Gentoo] Lots of new GUI config tools

  1. Hi,

    I have installed your unmasked ebuild for system-config-display and at first it complained “ImportError: No module named dbus” however emerging the masked dbus-python fixed that, now I am getting “ImportError: No module named alias” and there is no ebuild that I can find to match this package.. what is it from?



  2. Good question. I’m not really sure, and Google wasn’t terribly helpful. I’ve never seen that error before.

    You might want to just try a newer xorg-server instead, they do a better job of autoconfiguration so you don’t need this tool.

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