[Gentoo] Wow. What a pointless day.

I got to page 420 in this Python book during lunch today. But then I got home after work and did absolutely nothing all night. Just dicked around on IRC. I probably could’ve gotten halfway to the end of this book from where I am now.

About the only useful thing I did tonight was uninstall netscape-flash in favor of swfdec. That involved version bumps in my overlay, because liboil (a dependency) and swfdec are both a bit outdated in the tree. I’d heard of swfdec before when anholt was talking about hacking on it but didn’t realize ds was behind it.

I also spent a little time looking at some of the installer code. Python can be a lot more convoluted than I had realized. =)

self._arch_template = getattr(template, templates[self._configuration.get_architecture_template()])(self._configuration, self._install_profile, self._pretend)

Any good (Python coders and Gentoo users), let me know if you’re interested in helping out or hop on #gentoo-installer on Freenode IRC. The project is coming along quite nicely.

Gentoo’s Bugzilla is finally about to get some really sweet features that I’ve wanted for a while:

  • Strikethrough on closed bugs in other bugs’ dependency lists (this used to work, then died)
  • The ‘Reply’ link on comments (potentially the coolest Bugzilla feature ever)

“You will be awarded a great honor.”