[Gentoo] Devrel censorship?

Confident of his allegation? Many people have higher things on their priority list than caring about the flame of the day. And many others don’t actually read Planet Gentoo. There are so many channels for Gentoo-related info at this point that it’s quite difficult to follow all of them.

Everyone on the devrel alias got the log of the conversation with Ciaran regarding his “censorship.” So you’re left with a few possibilities:

  • It’s a cabal of people, yet managers can still overrule it. The cabal is always gaining new members, yet all its members keep all these secrets.
  • People think things are blown out of proportion, and they don’t care to fan the flame.
  • People think this is the wrong forum for dealing with his claims, for various reasons.
  • They don’t care what he said.

That’s all I’m interested in saying on the topic. If you want the whole other side of the story, bug a devrel lead. I don’t feel comfortable posting confidential info.