Gentoo Linux, or Why in the World You Should Compile Everything [Video]

I gave an introductory talk on Gentoo at a local BarCamp called MinneBar a couple of months back, and the videos were just posted online. The sound isn’t perfect but it’s perfectly understandable. Oddly, this is the first time I’ve ever given a formal talk on Gentoo in nearly 10 years of working on it.

The slides are pretty tough to read from the video, so I also uploaded them to Slideshare. I updated and heavily customized the same “Intro to Gentoo” slide deck that’s been floating around for years. It still could stand to lose a whole lot more text, and hopefully I can optimize it further if I give it again.

6 thoughts on “Gentoo Linux, or Why in the World You Should Compile Everything [Video]

  1. I know that I tried to do this one day and part way through I screwed up the install process so just went with Sabayon but did not really like it all that much. I will have to try Gentoo again some day as I went back to Arch Linux after trying this as I could get that installed with out any issues but you do not compile all the programs like you do for Gentoo so it was easier for me.

    1. Gentoo is like your own cooking. After investing time and energy no matter how bad it is you will force yourself to love it.

      1. I plan on trying to install it again. I went with Windows 7 on my system for the time being so I could learn to use it since we have to support it at work and I was hoping to be able to teach my mother how to use it with voice rather then the keyboard and mouse. I see the Linux is getting better in this area but not quite there yet.

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