links for 2009-02-17

  • Lots of good stuff, including this gem:

    Firing people isn’t just about saving money, or petty things like that. It’s the difference between a great organization and a failure. Ineffective people drag everyone else down to their level. They make it so that you can’t take pride in what you’re doing, so that you dread going into work in the morning, so that you can’t rely on the other pieces of the project getting done. And assholes, no matter how talented they may be, are even worse. Conversely, there are few things more fun than working hard with a really nice, talented group of people.

One thought on “links for 2009-02-17

  1. I liked how it talked about giving away credit. I think that’s an underestimated side of management. Does a lot for encouragement and proof of leadership ability. Great leaders train people to surpass their ability.

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