Hot new GNOME apps in Gentoo

The inimitable Dave Neary just blogged about his favorite new GNOME apps, so I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at what it takes to get them running in Gentoo. To get a quick idea of the status, I searched our main tree and overlays using eix, then searched our Bugzilla using pybugz.

for i in gnome-do hamster tasque cheese vagalume pimlico transmission; do eix $i; bugz search $i; done

Here’s what I found (useless output removed):

* gnome-extra/gnome-do
Available versions: (~) {debug}
Description: GNOME Do allows you to search for and perform actions on items in your desktop environment

* gnome-extra/gnome-do-plugins
Available versions: (~)0.4.0 {amarok debug evo}
Description: Plugins to put the Do in Gnome Do

* gnome-extra/hamster-applet [1]
Available versions:  (~)0.6.1
Description:         Time tracking for the masses, in a GNOME applet

[1] "sunrise" /usr/local/portage/layman/sunrise

[I] media-video/cheese
Available versions:  (~)2.22.0 (~)2.22.1 (~)2.22.2 {v4l}
Installed versions:  2.22.2(03:07:37 PM 06/18/2008)(v4l)
Description:         A cheesy program to take pictures and videos from your webcam

225775 maintainer-wanted    New ebuild: media-sound/vagalume-0.6 ( radi

* net-p2p/transmission
Available versions:  1.1.0 (~)1.11 (~)1.20 {gtk libnotify}
Description:         Simple BitTorrent client

Visiting the pimlico homepage, I found that it’s actually a suite of apps. Searching for their names revealed that we also have them. So far we’ve got gnome-do, hamster, cheese, vagalume, transmission and pimlico. Not too shabby. A quick Google search for the terms “tasque ebuild” found an ebuild for that, too! Apparently that overlay isn’t part of the eix cache, perhaps because it isn’t available through layman.

It’s worth noting that out of the 7 apps, 3 exist outside the main tree but are still trivial to find. I don’t have the time or interest in trying some of them myself. If you do try ’em, let folks know how it goes in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Hot new GNOME apps in Gentoo

  1. tasque is available in my dev-overlay, which you can add through layman

    layman -a suka

    Besides that, the situation isn’t as positive as you make it sound, especially in respect to gnome-do. The newest release ( isn’t in portage as the whole gtk-sharp / gnome-sharp-stuff is WAY outdated in the tree 😦 (and gnome-do isn’t the only package not being able to be bumped cause of this, f-spot being another prominent example)

  2. Huh. Wonder what the deal is with eix then — I assumed it would just make caches of everything in layman.

    Could you ~amd64 tasque when you have a chance?

  3. Thanks! I forgot to respond to the other part: If the *-sharp stuff is outdated and it bothers you, why don’t you just bump it yourself?

  4. Donnie, you can use update-eix-remote update to make eix aware of packages available in those overlays which are not installed on your system. Also, if you try Vagalume and have problems installing, do not hesitate in dropping me a message and/or commenting in the associated bug and I will try to fix the ebuild 😀


  5. Hi,

    installed vagalume from ebuild in bugzilla. Works great (x86 machine). No need to start bloated rhythmbox just to listen to

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