Stereo OpenGL

I need to get stereo 3D going for work, because it’s very important to what we do. For us to move more workstations from old SGI IRIX boxes to new Linux once, it’s critical that stereo 3D work on them. As far as stereo 3D goes on Linux, a few options exist:

  • Use nvidia binary drivers
  • Use ati binary drivers
  • Go find patches against Radeon or Matrox drivers on some unspecified date, and either find that date of X release or forward port them

I started out with the third approach and a FireGL 8800, but I’ve gradually moved to the second approach because the third was too much work. Found a nice link to an SGI page on setting up fglrx (ATi’s binary drivers) for stereo 3D, FSAA, multiple monitors, and more. Got the 120hz mode working on the monitor, which is what we require for stereo (60hz for each eye, alternating). Next step is getting the drivers to recognize that stereo should be available, and making it available to Coot through GtkGLExt.