Ticket update

This morning, I went in to the big traffic+city violations hearing and waited my turn. All along I debated whether to go with guilty, no contest or not guilty. I figured that not guilty would be more likely to get me a stiffer fine if I couldn’t get the ticket dismissed because I’d require a trial etc. No contest seems like a really lawyer-y thing to do, and I wanted to come off as a nice guy.

So I decided to just plead guilty and hope for a lenient sentence, after explaining the situation. And damn, I couldn’t have asked for better. The judge bent the rules and let me go to traffic school instead of putting the ticket on my record. Normally, only minors can do that, but he figured since I’m still a student and I have a clean record, it was pretty fair. Also, I have to write an essay about what I learn.

Unfortunately that still means I’ll be paying about $225 instead of $425, for random fees and the class. But suddenly that amount is so much more reasonable, especially when considering I won’t get an insurance increase along with it. I got a delayed payment plan, so I’ll have some time to come up with it.