Picked up Magic:TG again

For some reason, I decided to bring my album of Magic cards to Oregon last time I was at my parents’ in Minnesota. I thought I was going to sell all my cards and try to recoup a little cash, but apparently I was wrong.

Instead I ended up trading in a few cards, picking up some of the newer ones, then trading a huge stack of POS rares for a quarter a piece and getting some more cards. Figured I’d start working on a blue/white control deck, then morph into a blue/black discard deck later on.

Played in a tournament last night (booster draft) for the first time in four years. For not knowing the cards at all, I think I did respectably: 2/2.

Some history about my M:TG background: I played pretty solidly up through early ’99, then mostly quit. Played a few tournaments in 2001, and dropped out entirely. My rating was above 1800 for a while, but it’s mid-1700s now.

Now I guess I’m back, and there’s a prerelease next weekend that I’ll probably head up to Portland for and see if I can win. I’ll be on an equal footing with everyone else as far as knowing the cards, although I’m definitely a bit rusty.

It’s kinda nice to have a hobby besides computers, even if it’s an equally geeky one. =)