Badly written blogs: Style before content

I’ve come to realize that if I’m running through Liferea reading blogs, I basically don’t read past the first line of any paragraphs that are more than five lines. A cost of the shortening attention spans and lack of time in this world, I suspect.

If your style sucks, people won’t even get as far as discovering whether there’s something to be found in your content. This is pretty similar to writing newspaper articles, where you’re taught to use an 8th-grade vocabulary and keep your paragraphs to a minimal length.

To blog writers: Don’t use long paragraphs. If you’re lucky, people will get as far as finishing the first sentence. There’s another lesson to learn there: make sure each paragraph’s first sentence is truly the most important thing in that ‘graph.

To people who write blogs as one big paragraph with no line spaces: I don’t read your blogs.

To people writing blogs in broken English: Work on your skills, or people won’t read your posts because it’s too much effort.