[Gentoo] Workstation dead, seeking help

My dual Athlon 2000+ workstation finally gave up the ghost. It always had a tough time booting and shutting down, and it had a tendency to kill electrical outlets.

So my X development is going a bit slower than usual, but fortunately Genesi gave me a 1GHz Pegasos PPC as a development box. I’d been using it for a tinderbox, but I’ve switched to it as my primary workstation.

I’d like to revive the old workstation, because it compiles X a fair bit faster and thus significantly increases my productivity. But I’m a broke graduate student, so I can’t afford this on my own.

If you can help out, please donate $10 (or more, if you’d like) to my paypal account (spyderous at gentoo dot org) to help toward the cost of a replacement Tyan S2466N-4M motherboard. If 20 people donate $10, I will have enough to replace the motherboard. I originally paid $205 for it, but it now costs $218, according to Pricewatch, or $209, according to Froogle. Odd that it’s the same price now as it was three years ago when I bought it.

The motherboard and the processors are the only elements that haven’t been replaced at some point (including the power supply), and the mobo is far more likely to have caused this problem than the processors.