[Gentoo] A distro-neutral GUI package manager

As I was searching freshmeat today for a webapp that could manage networks of computers effectively (something like RHN, with an option to plug in network management tools for monitoring, auditing, etc.), I came across a tool called remerge.

If you know anything about Gentoo, you’ll be able to guess that it supports us. But it also appears to support Fedora, SUSE and NLD. Oddly, this app wasn’t in portage, despite being at version 2.1.1 (not exactly unstable-sounding), and there also wasn’t a bug filed for it.

The Fedora claim seems a tad shaky though, since what it really supports is Red Carpet and nobody really uses RC on Fedora.

I’d be interested to hear whether people have tried out remerge, and their experiences with it.

Something like this would be quite useful in gnome-system-tools, instead of each distribution producing tools like synaptic, whatever Fedora’s GUI is, the package manager within Yast2, etc.