New (sorta) laptop

My fiancée recently bought a shiny, new iBook because her laptop broke. So I inherited the old one, a P3-500 with a whopping 64 megabytes of RAM. After replacing the wireless card with mine from my broken laptops, the “new” laptop works great!

I’m putting Gentoo on it, but I’d enjoy suggestions for apps for common tasks that are full-featured and won’t take up all my memory. Here’s my ideas:

  • Web: Firefox — This one I’m a bit concerned about. Opera? But I like open source.
  • E-mail: Thunderbird first, Sylpheed-claws if T-Bird’s too much
  • RSS reading: Blam?
  • Blogging: Drivel?
  • Window manager: Fluxbox
  • Terminal: rxvt-unicode
  • IM client: gaim? I rarely use one.
  • Music: xmms? rhythmbox? muine? Or something console, like mpg321?

I may have to move to CLI versions of a number of the above apps, depending on how the memory use works out.

Incidentally, it’s got a Neomagic graphics chip. That should be fun.