[Gentoo] IBM’s blog policy

As a followup to my post on Sun’s policy, here’s IBM’s. The collaborative creation of this policy is worth noting. It also links to the policies of Sun, Microsoft and Groove. Here’s a few sections worth stealing. =)

The core principles — written by IBM bloggers over a period of ten days using an internal wiki — are designed to guide IBMers as they figure out what they’re going to blog about so they don’t end up like certain notable ex-employees of certain notable other companies.

If your blog is hosted on an IBM owned property, avoid these topics and focus on subjects that are business-related …. Further, blogs hosted outside of IBM’s protected Intranet environment must never be used for internal communications among fellow employees. It is fine for IBMers to disagree, but please don’t use your external blog to air your differences in an inappropriate manner.

Though not directly business-related, background information you choose to share about yourself, such as information about your family or personal interests, may be useful in helping establish a relationship between you and your readers, but it is entirely your choice whether to share this information.