I’ve finally decided it’s time to start using an aggregator, because there are getting to be a large number of blogs that aren’t on Planets. The final straw was r0ml’s blog, which I learned about from Ian Murdock’s.

Also, I missed a fortune on my last entry from home, so I’ll do two this time.

“The best teacher is also a student.”

Just a reminder that even though we help people out, we need to continue advancing ourselves too.

“To Decide Not To Decide Is Often A Very Wise Decision.”

OK, this one is a little sketchy, perhaps because of all the capped words. But it resembles what I think I remember hearing of Linus’ development philosophy: don’t make any decisions, so you can’t get blamed when things go wrong. =) In other words, let the coders make the decisions on their code because they’re the experts on it, not the managers.