Free press for Motorola

I kinda feel like Motorola sent out some press releases recently. On, two of the four “personal tech” stories are about Motorola, and not anything particularly new. The Razr’s been out for a while, but they both relate to it in various ways. The first is essentially a history of the cell phone, and the second’s lede looks like it was copied straight out of a press release.

No, it’s your birthday.

Daniel, indeed. I’d love it if random other distros started using my X (or whatever) packaging. Until they started filing bugs in Gentoo bugzilla asking for free support so they can charge to support their users, of course. =)

[Gentoo] Bugzilla best practices

I ran across this page today after seeing it linked from an interesting comparison of bug resolution across OSS projects and distros. It’s very worth reading for everyone who uses Bugzilla, on either side of the picture.

BTW, a large proportion of Gentoo’s bugs are duplicates too. It’s not just GNOME. At a guess, I’d put it at 25%, although I may be skewed from just the X bugs I see.