[Gentoo] Sometimes things are dry

Grant, I think the reason GLEPs are so hated isn’t because of the GLEP itself, but because of how people treat it, especially farther in the past.

GLEPs have been seen by some people as a way to derail and delay projects. The dreaded words, “So write a GLEP on it,” have been heard many a time.

Fortunately, that’s changing. GLEPs have been turning into something useful, and our recent discussions have helped a lot and will continue to do so on clarifying how, and how well, they work.

Andrew, “easier or faster” is a good question. But why do they need to be mutually exclusive? Something easier to do should get done faster.

Nathaniel, familiar with the concept of spam filtering? It doesn’t need to be done manually. =P

Some programs, however, seem to suck at it. For example, although Evolution may be great at vfolders, its spam filtering is the slowest I’ve ever seen. I actually had to switch to Thunderbird because it annoyed me so much.

Speaking of wish lists