OSU technology funding

Polvi kindly posted the results of where our $100 quarterly technology fee goes.

Things I’m excited about:

1) Wireless in ALS, where I spend all day working. Seems like wireless coverage in academic buildings was a major focus this year; I saw a number of buildings funded.

2) High-performance graphics lab in Batcheller 214. According to the summary, it’s designed to draw students from Science and Liberal Arts, not just the College of Engineering, which proposed it. It might be fun to see whether we can use this for any of our molecular graphics visualization. With any luck, there will be some way to run Linux in there, since some other COE labs run Linux (or at least Unix).

3) Physics department got $50,000 to buy Linux-based PCs to replace old Sun Blades and recycled HP workstations

Things I’m depressed about:

1) Geoscience department spending almost $50,000 for a Windows-based server farm for remote access to GIS etc for online courses.

2) Absolutely nothing on the list for the Biochemistry department; closest thing was a student server for Cosine, which provides IT for the whole College of Science