I want that Pegasos

Not having a Pegasos is killing me. I’ve got that “last kid on the block” syndrome — it feels like everyone else already has theirs (probably because it’s true). Both Seemant and Stuart have mentioned how fast they compile, which would be really great since X takes forever.

There are some pretty cool possibilities that I’d like to try out, such as setting up a distcc cluster between the Pegasos and my x86 box with cross-compiling toolchains. Gentoo’s cross-compiling is really getting off the ground, so this would be a great time to help out with it if I could.

I’d also like to see whether there’s anything I can do to make them install and run smoother before X even gets involved. When I used the 2004.1 Gentoo CD, it was a little bit hackish. I had to type in a long command line at the firmware prompt to boot the CD. I’ve heard 2004.3 was an improvement, but I didn’t get a chance to try it out. Also, I put Gentoo into the boot menu rather than having to type things in at the firmware prompt, which seemed like the current status quo. Getting from the point of pressing the power button to an X login screen with little to no effort is a crucial part of being a usable Linux desktop.