Finally found a few minutes …

Gentoo desperately needs people familiar with XKB and with fonts (particularly encodings), as well as NLS in relation to X. If you’re interested, drop me a line.

Updated Gentoo’s Xorg again. Fixed some problems with keyboard, another libGL segfault, updated the Xpm fixes so GIMP will work again, and added a patch to fix xmodmap overflows. Nabbed all the patches from upstream.

In major development-side news, I started actually documenting what each patch does in a DESCRIPTIONS file. If anyone would like to help, please send me a diff to the one in the latest patch tarball.

I think the latest monstrosity’s almost ready to unleash on the “testing” users. It migrates everything in /usr/X11R6/lib to /usr/lib. This breaks some packages with configure scripts that fail to consider that X libraries could be in the default location, so they don’t need to -Lanything. They proceed to -L’nothing’ and die. But we need more testers to figure out exactly which packages have this problem.

There’s a ridiculous tree of backwards-compatibility symlinks developing — I need to see what I can do about reducing their number in the near future.

In a few spare minutes, I wrote an ebuild for C3 — the Cluster Command and Control tool suite. It’s a real popular toolkit for administering clusters. Next on the list is improving our support for Ganglia, a popular cluster monitor.