My life: an abridged update

So, I ended up at Oregon State University for grad school in the biochemistry and biophysics department. It’s been alright so far — lots of work, though. It’s basically a job and a half. I teach two recitation sections, take about three classes per quarter and do about 15-20 hours of research a week.

After that’s done with, I try to find time for my fiancee. Then last comes Linux. It’s been neglected lately. =\

If anyone’s got experience with handling this kind of a work and personal load plus Linux, please give me some advice.

Classes are Biochemistry 590, Biophysics 581, Intro to C Programming, and a couple of seminars. The C course has been a joke so far. But it’s the entry-level CS course around here, and I’d like to start taking more upper-level courses there.

Coupling programming with my science and clustering background has a lot of potential.