Back to the grind

Spring Break was great. Too bad it’s over, almost before I realized it started. Got a lot of work done on grad school apps and a lot of e-mail with grad school people, need to write a personal statement and send some off within a day or two.

Actual work: Made xorg-x11 ebuild. Ported over from a combination of xfree-4.3.0-r6 and xfree- There was a nice amount of duplication between this and 4.3.0-r6 so not much extra work involved. Committed xfree-4.3.0-r6, hopefully some of my final XFree86 work. This lays the groundwork for moving stuff to FHS-friendly locations: fonts are installed to /usr/share/fonts, docs to /usr/share/doc and man pages to /usr/share/man. I’m expecting huge numbers of bug reports from people who don’t read their warnings about fonts moving as soon as this is unleashed on the general public. Started making use of the SDK for Wacom, Synaptics and GATOS ati.2 drivers. Added a bunch of stuff for the hardened people. This closes about 10 bugs! Some other various fixes too, see the commit messages above. Also added OpenDX, a sweet 3D visualization tool.

Discussions: Noticed that Mike recently added freeglut to Fedora, trying to get Bryan to write an ebuild for it. I’ve been trying to get him to update glide for a while now too without much luck, since the build is absolutely ridiculous and the documentation largely irrelevant. Some other guy wants to build Xvnc against the SDK — best of luck to him. Beginning to get a reasonable grasp of autoconf, I’ve been able to help some other people with problems they’ve had in the past couple of weeks. Still need to get a grip on automake though.

Stupid things: CVS. It doesn’t make any sense, and nobody seems to have any clue which branch is which and used for what. I’ve got three branches checked out right now, and I have no idea which I should be playing with, although ironically enough HEAD is the least likely.

Drama: Brad had to leave Gentoo. Too bad, he gave us some great work.