Current projects

For anyone who’s interested, here are the projects I’ve got going right now. Many of them could use some help, so take a look and let me know if you’re interested in any. Roughly in my order of interest:

  • Add the Sugar desktop environment for OLPC — it’s in my overlay, but it segfaults on startup of sugar-emulator somewhere in sugar-shell code. Try it out and see whether you can come up with a fix.
  • Port LTSP to Gentoo — pioto, straaken and perhaps another person or two are working with me on this. This involves changes to the client-building plugins, init scripts, and adding some ebuilds. Also, probably creating Seeds for the client and server.
  • Get the rest of the system-config-* GUI tools from Red Hat working — some remain masked. Would appreciate testing and fixing on any that remain masked.
  • Add virt-manager into the main tree from my overlay — haven’t got a Xen instance to test it with yet. If anyone would like to test this and let me know, that’d be great.
  • Fix our X init scripts to be more like upstream intended, then fixing upstream to be current. havner is taking the lead on this, and I look forward to seeing his work.
  • Add some new science packages, including KiNG and friends from the Richardson lab, CCP4MG, CCTBX and more.
  • The infamous bug #44132 — make multiple MPI implementations simultaneously installable.
  • Resume my occasional series of blog posts on Gentoo in the enterprise, embedded, cluster etc environments. One post I want to make is how to use the Gentoo installer’s CLI frontend to make large, automated installations easy.

And of course these are beyond the usual ongoing maintenance of X, science packages and cluster packages.