Blog priorities

I use Liferea for blog reading. It’s a nice app, but it has some trouble detecting when I get the same post from multiple feeds. Really, Liferea, I don’t need to read it more than once; just mark it read and let me get on with it.

Anyway, I started using Liferea because it lets me create categories for my priorities of different feeds. I’ve got 3 priority levels of personal blogs, plus another one for newspapers and magazines. I rarely get to the third level, and never the newpapers/mags level. Every once in a while, I browse the third level, and if I find anything good, I exchange it for something in level 2 that I haven’t been getting much out of.

This week, I’ve moved Stephe Walli back up to #2, and Ted Leung dropped to #3. Ted has interesting things to say, but not really on topics I care about right now. Bye, Ted, see you in a couple months. Keep up the good work on Chandler.

A quick summary of my categories, for anyone who wants to see what I see:

Priority 1
Jay Cotton, Kazem Ardekanian, Pat Mochel,, Gentoo Universe, Gentoo X team commits, Corvallis free Wi-Fi, Planet, and a Google search for Gentoo.

Priority 2
r0ml, Stephen O’Grady, a Google search for links to my blog, Paul Graham, Stephe Walli, Passionate Users, O’Reilly Radar, Planets: KDE, GNOME, OSLUG, another private one.

Priority 3
Bram Cohen, Ted Leung, Jon Udell, Joel on Software, Don Marti, Doc Searls, Planets: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Novell/SuSE, Kernel, Cheap Stingy Bastard, Woot.