[Gentoo] X.Org 7.0 RC2

The second release candidate for modular X began hitting the tree about 15 minutes ago. It should be complete later today.

For future reference, here’s the code I use to copy and commit all the ebuilds from my overlay. Run it from the category level.

msg="Bump for 7.0RC2."
for i in */*.ebuild; do ip=${i%/*}; iv=${i#*/}; iv=${iv%.ebuild}; cp ${i} ${cvs}${cat}${ip}/; cp ${ip}/files/digest-${iv} ${cvs}${cat}${ip}/files/; pushd ${cvs}${cat}${ip}/; cvs add ${iv}.ebuild files/digest-${iv}; echangelog "${msg}"; repoman ci -m "${msg}"; popd; done