[Gentoo] Weekend Update — not as funny as SNL though

Aaron, I used to think devtodo was the greatest thing ever. Until I discovered that a todo list is pretty much useless if you’re busy, because things on the todo don’t make it onto your schedule.

To ever get anything done, I need to actually schedule a time to work on a specific thing. I highly recommend it for any of you who never seem to get anything on your lists done.

Seemant, you know what bugs me the most about Bill Gates? He calls everything “rich.” What a bad pun for him to use that word. Anyway, the point is: the word “rich” is absolutely meaningless unless you’re talking about money. Which is exactly why I’m so disappointed when I see well-known Linux figures using it.

Corey, if you honestly think it’s a good idea for all the managers to invest in a copy of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” perhaps you should consider putting some Foundation money toward it. Once we have some, of course. =)