Deja vu

Spent tonight installing Gentoo on the Pegasos (again…). After the glibc breakage, and a few installs back before I had it fixed, this is getting pretty familiar. I have a feeling NPTL is broken on PPC, so I’m going to stay far away from that, this time.

Also, I got an email today asking why I pulled xfree. It was pretty much just me trying to maintain xfree, xorg 6.7.0, 6.8.0 and 6.8.2RC’s all at once, in my free time. I keep trying to recruit more X people, but largely without any luck.

He said old Matrox cards were broken with xorg. Assuming “old Matrox” means G[24]XX, I proved that false by pulling out the G400 MAX I had stashed away for a rainy day. It works perfectly. I’m writing this from 6.8.2RC2 on the G400.

One thing I am pleased about from today is that I gave editbugs power to ajax on Gentoo’s Bugzilla. Hopefully he can help get the upstream bugs out of our Bugzilla and into somewhere useful.

I’m working hard to get xorg 6.8.0-r4 ready for our 2005.0 release, so we can release it with the lib stuff moved to /usr/ from /usr/X11R6/. I got reports that the migration function now works properly on amd64, which I’m quite happy about. I spent quite a while yesterday staring at it. I’m working on getting access to one of our amd64 boxes, so I don’t have to rely on hearsay that things work properly.

It also looks as if sparc’s going to start building with dlloader by default. I’d like all the non-x86 architectures to do so, since they don’t have the problem of dealing with binary drivers, to my knowledge. Speaking of dlloader, check this out.