Merry Christmahannukwanzakuh to you…

I just got my Christmas presents from my mom. I sent her this huge list of books from Amazon, expecting her to get a couple. She bought all of them!

Fortuitously, I overslept today so I was here when the UPS guy arrived.

She got me “The Art of Assembly Language” and “Writing Great Code, Volume I: Understanding the Machine,” both by Randall Hyde. I’m excited to start diving into those.

Also, I’m fully stocked on quantum chemistry — seven new books ranging from symmetry and spectroscopy up through the basic dogma, electronic structure theory and computational chemistry.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to church Christmas Eve, as I do almost every year, because we’ll be driving up to Portland to stay the night before flying to Minnesota early Christmas Day. That week off will definitely be nice, though. I’m getting a little broken down. I’ve been missing a day of work/school about every two weeks, because I’ve just been overworking myself.

Hope everyone else enjoys the break as much as I will!