Usability and installers

Reading Havoc’s blog reminded me of how I wanted to focus on usability, primarily to help in the creation of a Gentoo installer. It’s a little bit of a weird project, because it has two distinct target audiences: automated deployment and (clueless?) end users who want/need a GUI installer. So it’s been interesting.

The code is getting near finishing up a working alpha — but we’re looking for experts in OO and Python to help look it over and chip in some ideas, answer some questions and maybe write some code. Stop by #gentoo-installer on Freenode IRC if you’re interested. Experts on UI design are also welcome.

I read another quick thing on usability the other day, perhaps linked from

It also reminded me of my need to actually read Joel Smolsky's “User Interface Design for Programmers.” I’ve owned it for months, but it’s still a ways down on the “when I have free time” list.