[Gentoo] Bearing down on X bugs

I started working my way through all the X bugs backwards tonight, marking fixed, upstream, needinfo, etc. Got from ~95000 to ~65000, which is roughly half the open X bugs. We stand at 126 open bugs now, compared with about 200 last week.

[Gentoo] Blogs: Open source and legal “stuff”

Anyone know of some nice blogs talking about technology and/or intellectual property, particularly as they relate to open source?

So far I’ve found Lawrence Lessig, William Patry and a conglomerate called rethink(ip). I really wish Lawrence Rosen had one; if he does, I can’t find it.

I also found EEJD, which is occasionally relevant, and a potentially interesting one called IP::JUR, and IPcentral by The Progress and Freedom Foundation, and Dennis Kennedy.