What’s that? I have a life?

So, it’s been a few days. Haven’t done much this weekend, mostly heavy drinking, video games and pong. In other words, the usual. Spent most of Sunday in the lab finally getting some research done. Saturday was wasted staring at the screen in hopes of seeing the next comment on IRC. Sent out some emails to grad schools — Penn State, NC State and Minnesota. Got some ideas for a few more from Ellis: Alabama-Birmingham, Kansas and Washington State.

Actual work: Wrote arch() and patch_exclude() convenience functions for the eclass to make the ebuilds prettier and save me some typing. Worked them both into xfree ebuild, and fit patch_exclude() into xfree-drm as well. In fact xfree-drm was the reason I started this stuff — I did it while I was fixing up the mess dholm made last week. At least he made a drm-ioremap patch for Mach64 to somewhat make up for it. Started reading up on autotools — so far have gotten through some chapters of the Autoconf manual.

Discussions: Got 1.4 certified for SciTech drivers. Gonna do the same for 2004.0 once it’s out in a couple of days. People keep emailing me directly with their bugs, I wish they would stop. I can’t keep track of all that crap without a personal Bugzilla.

Stupid things: Got on IRC drunk again. That’s always a blast when everyone tells me about it the next day.

Drama: X licensing, still … Gentoo people won’t stop arguing about the damn GPL.