Sleep deprivation is my life

Wednesdays are always busy. Class 12:30-7:30p today with a couple of one-hour breaks, then off to work at the newspaper until 1:30a. Computers were screwy so 3 of the 4 working ones had tiny 11″ screens, really tough to make a newspaper on as you may guess. Listened to a reasonable talk on the gradually constricting freedoms in the United States from who may be the most prominent U.S. Supreme Court reporter in the country. He’s a whopping 72 years old too.

Actual work: Didn’t have time for much. Gave battousai some input on the kernel-mod eclass, changed the name of wacom to linuxwacom for him.

Discussions: More X licensing. Maybe making some headway on the XFree86 front. Board member Marc Evans posted in an at-least neutral manner. Kendall Bennett of SciTech, Torrey Lyons, who maintains the Mac stuff in XFree86, and Juliusz Chroboczek, another contributor, all posted against the new license. Kean Johnston of SCO just posted a somewhat positive statement, in part about its effect on XFree86 since distros are refusing, in part a good-faith offer for previous contributors to relicensed files.

Stupid things: Got an interview requested by CNET today which I refused, unfortunately my gentoo-dev post got quoted in a Linux Today article.

Drama: PPC back and better than ever. Maybe a lesson to me to keep my involvements in check and realistic.