So much for my future

Real life — one big waste of time better spent on Linux. Rolled out of bed at 11:30 after a refreshing eight hours of sleep, zoned out through two hours of class, then actually spent most of the night doing Linux stuff. The exception was a two-hour bad, weird Spanish movie with English subtitles. Should’ve been writing grad school apps again, but at least I got a lot of work done that’s been waiting for a while on the xfree ebuild — it’s ready for some alpha testing from other people at this point.

Actual work: Closed down most of the remaining issues on the new xfree ebuild. Laid out a roadmap last night of where I’d like to see it go — mostly moving in the direction of better FHS compliance and modularization. Yeah yeah we may not continue with XFree86, but it’s gotta happen everywhere and there’s nowhere else available to start yet. Still gotta add Alan Cox’s VIA drivers, cyfred’s got a few bugs left to close out, and we need to straighten out the “pretty fonts” situation. Other than that it’s pretty much good to go. Installs docs to /usr/share/doc/xfree-$version and man pages to /usr/share/man like a good little program. Gradual moves of /usr/X11R6/include/ and lib/ are next on the list, followed by bin/ — neither of which will happen in this release.

Discussions: Talked to Azarah about XKB junk and why it isn’t in /etc/X11 like all the other configuration things (it’s too big). Decided to drop the config protection from xkb/ to just xkb/rules/ after reading some docs. We’ll see who complains. Talked to esammer about installer progress, asked him to send out some reports and maybe write up some programming practices later this week. A little more on the X licensing bit, but not much on this front today. Cleared up a problem over in release engineering, they forgot xfree-drm. tseng pointed out the Desktop Linux Summit the other day.

Stupid things: Continuing to do all this work on XFree86 when it will hopefully become a non-issue? Oh well. We’ll see what happens. Here’s a stupid thing that isn’t me — a proposal to change the CD layout five days before the scheduled release? Yeah, superb QA there.

Drama: Security flared up again. Damn, can’t this settle down already? Also, WTH is going on with the XFree86 license talks upstream? Weird …