Another day wasted

Busy day with non-geek stuff. Was up until 7:30am procrastinating, then throwing together a story on the Philippines elections (funnier than the California governor ones). Slept til 12pm, occupied by class until 9pm with brief IRC breaks. Should really do those grad school applications tonight, but I’m getting tired.

Actual work: Hmmm. Good question. Picked up the Autobook from the post office. Now it’s sitting on top of my computer, waiting for me to open its wondrous pages. Talked to my protege Battousai about xfree-drm and getting it working on 2.6. Got the other protege, cyfred, to bump XFree86 4.3.99 for the last of the security crap — low priority since it’s hard-masked anyway.

Discussions: X licensing with Mdk, RH, etc. Foser doesn’t want to move the corefonts until fonts.eclass is around. He also suggested just having the Bitstream Vera fonts as defaults, no virtual, no USE flag — in part because the ‘truetype’ flag doesn’t actually do anything with activating or deactivating truetype support in XFree86. Could just change the name of the flag, though. What he said makes sense, but I’m not sure I agree. On one hand, there’s the smooth desktop, but on the other hand there’s the choice and customizability that makes us Gentoo.

Stupid things: Made a public announcement on gentoo-dev that Gentoo wouldn’t add XFree86 with the new 4-clause BSD license. Grant made me clarify it, so I wrote up a huge email with lots of quotes and useful info from the 9-point reference list I supplied in the first email+addendum.

Drama: Still the security thing, but it’s turned mostly into a discussion now, thank God.